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At TLG Roofing we deliver a comprehensive roofing service to homes across Melbourne. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, our professional tradesman will provide you with a roofing solution. Whether you need roof repairs, a roof restoration Melbourne or a complete re-roofing, we do it all. Using the very best materials and equipment, we restore your roof back to brand new and ensure its functioning perfectly.

We do not discriminate and work on all roof types from flat tile roofs to large pitched ones. All of our services are backed with a 10 year workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind. If you would like to learn more about our roofing service, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team for a free, no obligation quote.


Roof Replacements/ Re-roofing

When is a roof replacement necessary?

There are countless reasons why Melbourne households make the decision to have a roof replacement. Many homeowners invest in re-roofing when they notice their roof is looking tired and old, and is in need of a complete facelift. In some cases, damage has exceeded the point of roof restoration and re-roofing is the only option. Some homes are being extended and new roofing is needed for the new area. There are certain homeowners that want to update their roof completely and want to make the switch from say metal to roof tiles. For unlucky households, the option to re-roof is completely thrust upon them after a ferocious storm has destroyed the roofing. In this case, emergency re-roofing is a necessity.

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Roof Restoration & Roof Repairs

Return your Melbourne roof back it its former glory with a quality roof restoration.

For more than a decade, TLG Roofing has been performing quality roof restorations across Melbourne. Our professional team has the skills to turn back the clock on your old roof and return it to its former glory. Not only will your tired roof look brand new again, but you will also dodge costly future repairs.

The best time to repair your roof is when you begin to notice deterioration in its appearance or performance. If your have noticed cement starting to fall away from the ridge caps, or that your roof is beginning to leak, it’s time to invest in a roof restoration in Melbourne.

At TLG Roofing we cater for all types of roofing. Whether your roof features terracotta or cement tiles, we can restore both.

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Roof Leak Repairs

The specialist in roof leak repairs in Melbourne.

TLG Roofing is renowned for providing high quality roof leak repairs in Melbourne. Our specialists have the skills to undertake roof leak repairs and fix the problem immediately. No matter what material your roofing is manufactured from, our professional team can solve your roof leak. Whether it’s a tiled roof or a metal surface, you can rely on us to solve the problem.

There are a variety of different reasons that cause roof leaks. A common reason is simply old age. Many households with old roofs experience roof leaks owing to a deterioration in the roofing surface. Another typical cause is wild weather and storms that loosen and break tiles, ridge caps, and flashing. Roof leaks can also be created by poor ventilation, which causes condensation.

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Roof Access Systems

Keeping you compliant and saving lives.

Roof Access and Fall Protection Systems are mandatory where access to an elevated area above 2.0 metres is required and wherever there is any risk of a fall.

Get your FREE Height Safety Health Check from TLG Roofing today.

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Our Roofing Services

Servicing customers all over Melbourne

At TLG Roofing & Restoration we deliver a comprehensive roofing service to homes across Melbourne. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, our professional tradesman will provide you with the right solution.


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Does you need a roof restoration to bring your roof back to life? Got a roof leak or general roof repairs that needs doing? Or do you need a complete roof replacement. We’ve got you covered. Send us a quick message below and one of our Melbourne Roofing Experts will get back to you today.

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  • TLG put a stop to the leaking issues I was having every time it rained. After one very heavy storm I called them to come out and they solved the problem, would recommend.

    James – Glen Iris

  • TLG put a stop to the leaks that were causing me havoc every time it rained. After one particularly heavy storm I called them and in no time they have solved the problem. I would recommend them for anyone looking for fast repairs.

    Sandy – Ringwood

  • TLG completed my Roof Restoration in a very fast but pleasent manner. After years of neglect my roof is finally functioning perfectly I reccoemnd getting these guys for any restoration.

    Josh – Moorabbin

  • Excellent worken and great service, very impressed with my Roof Restoration and would highly reccoment.

    Liam – Camberwell

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