Roof Restoration Services

Return your Melbourne roof back it its former glory with a quality roof restoration

Roof Restoration Repairs

For more than a decade, TLG Roofing has been performing quality roof restorations across Melbourne. Our professional team has the skills to turn back the clock on your old roof and return it to its former glory. Not only will your tired roof look brand new again, but you will also dodge costly future repairs.

The best time to repair your roof is when you begin to notice deterioration in its appearance or performance. If your have noticed cement starting to fall away from the ridge caps, or that your roof is beginning to leak, it’s time to invest in a roof restoration in Melbourne.

At TLG Roofing we cater for all types of roofing. Whether your roof features terracotta or cement tiles, we can restore both.

Roof restoration process for Melbourne homes with cement tiles

Our professionals attend your home to carry out a roof assessment and to provide a no obligation quote. Once you agree to our quote we perform the following steps to restore your cement roof.

  • Replace all broken tiles
  • Remove old cement and pointing from ridge caps etc.
  • Remove and install new colorbond or zinculum valley irons. Next, storm seal is installed in the valleys.
  • Ridge caps are re-aligned by ladening down new cement (bedding) with a bedding frame.
  • Tiles are pressured washed go get rid of any build up of dirt that will hinder the paint from adhering to the surface.
  • One coat of painter sealer is applied followed by two coats of paint. Color selection is up to you. It’s important to note, roof painting is for a cosmetic improvement only.
  • To create that new roof look, flexible pointing is applied to the new cement work.

Roof restoration process for Melbourne homes with terracotta roofs:

We visit your property to perform a roof assessment and to deliver a free quote. Upon agreeing to our quotation, our professionals will carry out the steps below to restore your terracotta tile roof.

  • All broken tiles are removed and replaced with new ones.
  • Old cement and pointing is removed from ridge caps etc.
  • Colorbond or zinculum valley irons are removed and replaced, followed by storm seal being applied.
  • New cement bedding is applied with a bedding frame in order to re-align the ridge caps.
  • High pressure cleaning is performed to de-moss roof tiles from a build up of algae, moss and dirt.
  • Flexible pointing is applied to any new cement work to secure the ridge caps your roof.

Terracotta tile and cement tile re-bedding and pointing only

A roof assessment is required before a no obligation free quote can be provided. We then follow the steps below to re-bed and point your terracotta or cement tiled roof.

  • Broken tiles are removed and replaced.
  • Remove old cement and pointing from ridge caps etc.
  • Remove and install new colorbond or zinculum valley irons then install storm seal into valleys.
  • The ridge caps are re-aligned with new cement, which is laden down with a bedding frame.
  • To ensure your ridge caps remain secure, flexible pointing is applied to new cement work.

Roof repairs

Our professional team performs quality roof repairs and can solve any problem associated with roof tiles. Whether it’s fixing cracked and broken tiles or repairing fallen tiles, we do it all. Our comprehensive roof repairs services includes the following:

  • Cracked and broken tiles
  • Fallen tiles
  • Cracked cement
  • Pointing
  • Blocked chimney trays
  • Blocked gutters
  • Rusted valley irons
  • Tiles with broken water courses

Despite offering quality roof repairs, if problems continue to occur with your roof we strongly recommend you invest in a roof restoration. A roof that requires constant repairs is clearly deteriorating and rather than spending money on costly repairs, a roof restoration can provide the ultimate solution. If you want to increase the value of your home and reduce the need for costly roof repairs, call our professional team for a quality roof restoration in Melbourne.