Roofing, roof restoration and roof repairs in Malvern

Are you thinking of investing in roof restoration at Malvern? Roof restorations are a perfect solution for those people who have an old roof that is rundown. At TLG Roofing we specialise in roof restorations and will have your roofing at Malvern looking brand new again in no time.

The first step to get your roof looking great is replacing any of the broken tiles on the roof. Next our professional team performs cutting edge methods to uncover all the cracks in the bedding. They also prepare the ridge caps so they are ready to be sealed. To seal the ridge caps flexipoint is then applied. From there we clean the roof and get rid of any built up materials like leaf waste and moss. Basically anything that could cause decay or wear and tear is removed. This is achieved by using a pressure cleaner. The next step is to seal the roof so leaks or growth are prevented. Lastly we paint the roof.

If you are interested in eliminating the need for roof repairs in Malvern or Roof Leak Repair Melbourne, call our experienced team on 03 9722 2817.