Roofing, roof restoration and roof repairs in Eltham

Do you live at Eltham and are considering roof restoration? A roof restoration is a great option for those who have a tired and old looking roof and want to restore it to its former glory. At TLG Roofing we do just that. With over 60 years of experience in the industry behind us we provide the highest quality service at an affordable price. We have a team of experienced tradesmen who deliver outstanding results. You can be assured that when you call our team for any roofing service in Eltham you will get service that is second to none.

Once you call us out we provide a free, no obligation quotation. We then begin the roof restoration process by replacing any broken tiles on the roof. From there we expose all the cracks in the bedding and prepare the ridge caps. The next job is to seal the ridge caps with flexipoint and then use a pressure cleaner to wash away dirt and waste build up. The roof is then sealed and painted with a colour of your choosing. This process extends the life of the roof and eliminates the need for roof repairs in Eltham.

For more information about Roof Leak Repair Melbourne please contact our friendly team on 03 9722 2817.